KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appriasement – West has issued assessment guidelines for various importable good which were being assesses at lower values causing revenue loss to the government.
Member Customs, Nisar Mohammad Khan had directed all the Collectorates to develop assessment guidelines pertaining to various importable goods as according to reports the data of past 90 days had gone corrupt and the Customs officials had to make assessment on lower.
It may be mentioned here that assessment of goods is made at three different stages in WeBOC automated system i.e. Appraiser does the assessment, Principal Appraiser does the first review, Assistant Collector or Deputy Collector does the second review.
Generally or in most of the cases, appraisers clear the under-invoicing or under-valuation because an impression has been developed among them that if the appraiser did not make the clearance, the principal appraiser or Ac/DC would make the clearance as there are no cross-checks in the WeBOC system.
Sources said that corruption had peaked in the automated system and it was very easy for the officials to collude with the importers.
All the Collectorates have started issuing the guidelines in this regard so that the past data could be streamlined.
According to the assessment guidelines issued by the MCC Appraisement West, the assessment of Polyether Polyol should be made at the rate of $1.9/KG and items of identical/similar specifications would be made accordingly or in the vicinity of this value.
The assessment of Medical X-Ray films (green/blue sensitive) would be made at $4.3/Sqm; assessment of Polypropylene would be made at $1.64/KG; assessment of Sterilized non-woven wound pads (Surgical tapes & dressings) would be made $6.5/KG and assessment of Eva Resin Polymer-E (Grade:EV 303) would be made at $1.6/KG and assessment of the above mentioned items and items of similar identical/similar specifications would be made accordingly or in the vicinity of the prescribed values.
It may be mentioned here that failure to follow the guidelines will render the delinquent liable to strict disciplinary action under the relevant provisions of law.
Assessment guidelines pertaining to many other goods have also been issues setting a minimum assessment value.