KARACHI: The Collector Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement on Tuesday has conferred the adjudication powers to the officers to process the smuggled / non-paid duty vehicles under the amnesty.
The Principal Appraiser has been authorized to adjudicate the vehicles up to the value of Rs500,000 as per the rate list prepared by the department; Deputy collector shall adjudicate vehicles up to the value of Rs1.0 million; Additional Collector shall process vehicles up to the value of Rs3.0 million while those vehicles valuing more than Rs3.0 million shall fall in the jurisdiction of the Collector.
The MCC Appraisement has been assigned jurisdiction to adjudicate the smuggled / non-paid duty vehicles in Karachi.
About 120 applications were received by the Collectorate on Tuesday out of which 25 vehicles were processed while owners of 12 vehicles paid the duty.
Since the Federal Government has issued a scheme to regularize smuggled/non-duty paid vehicles vide SRO 172(I)/2013 dated March 05, 2013, the owners of such vehicles are given an option to redeem the same on payment of fine equal to one percent of payable duty / taxes of the vehicle, besides payment of leviable duty and other taxes chargeable envisaged vide above said SRO.
The vehicle shall only be registered by the relevant Motor Registration Authority against production of the owner’s original copy of the Order-in-Original and the Customs Extra Duty Bill confirming payment of leviable duty/taxes and redemption fine.