KARACHI: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has charged Sunstar Corporation for mis-declaration origin, classification and value of the goods with the intention of depriving the exchequer of its legitimate revenue of Rs3.378 million.
Sunstar Corporation, an importer of auto parts, filed goods declaration (GD) electronically for imports of goods declared as Chain Kit of China Origin.
Upon assessment it was found that ‘Made in Japan’ was printed on packing and embossed on the goods. However, Sunstar Corporation insisted on the basis of certificate of origin that the goods were of Chinese Origin.
The Tribunal upheld the adjudicating officer’s observation that the certificate of origin could not be accepted in this case as there could be no better certificate than the makes and labels on the goods. Therefore, it was established that goods were Japanese origin and their assessment shall be made accordingly as there is no Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Japan.
It may be mentioned here that Pakistan and China have signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
However, the importer has been given in option under relevant provisions of law to redeem the goods on payment of fine on goods, penalty on the importer along with leviable duty and taxes.
The Tribunal set aside the impugned order passed by the Collector Appeals being devoid from the law and merits.
Collector Appeals ordered, “There is every likelihood that the goods imported in this case may have been manufactured in China. However, due to presence of the words ‘Made in Japan’ on the goods. I am inclined to agree with the adjudicating officer’s findings and treat the goods of Japan origin.”