KARACHI: On the intimation of the US, the government has directed Pakistan Customs to tighten up the vigilance to prevent the entry of anti-Islam movie into Pakistan’s soil.
The US embassy in Riyadh has conveyed the massage to Pakistan foreign office that the movie containing blasphemous content was released on December 14. The foreign office further communicated all the agencies and government ministries and department to take measures as the movie may hurt sentiments in Pakistan.
On the intimation of ministry of Information, the FBR directed Pakistan Customs to ensure vigilance at check-posts across the country for preventing entry of such film.
In a communication sent to all collectorates in Pakistan and director general of intelligence and investigation of FBR, stated that the ministry of information and broadcasting had informed the revenue body about the ‘release of new anti-Islam film entitled ‘The Innocent Prophet’ on December 14’ that the influx of subject film would have negative impact on Pakistan society, therefore, appropriate steps should be take all the customs check posts of Pakistan to stop the influx of the film in any kind or manner into Pakistan territory at import stage.
“Maximum vigilance is required to be exercise to check post of these any kind of CD’s or DVD’s or video tapes in any manner into Pakistan,” the FBR directed the customs authorities. “Such films should be confiscated and not allowed to enter into Pakistan soil,” it added.
The FBR also directed that exercise should be personally monitored by the collectors at all the collectorates.
Fearing riots, the National Crisis Management Cell of Ministry of Interior on December 18 informed all the provinces for taking necessary precautionary measures to avoid any untoward law and order incident in the country.