KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) through amendments in Customs Rules 2001, has made it mandatory for the transport operator that the operator after taking delivery of goods from the port and loading thereof on the conveyance shall prepare carrier’s manifest in quadruplicate having security features as specified by the Collector from time to time for each transport unit.
This has been defined in rule 627A ‘Manifest of the carrier’ inserted after rule 627.
The original copy of the manifest shall be retained by customs staff posted at exit gate while allowing removal of the conveyance from the area. Duplicate copy shall be sent to the office en route for reconciliation. Triplicate copy shall be given to the driver of the conveyance who shall handover the same at the office en route on arrival. The transport operator shall retain the quadruplicate copy for their official use.
On the day following the date of clearance of transit goods from the port, the transport operator shall submit customs port or station-wise consolidated manifest of consignments to the Afghan Transit Group who shall enter the particulars in computer for subsequent scrutiny. The transport operator shall get this consolidated manifest cleared within 20 days from Afghan Transit group certifying that all consignments covered under the manifest of that period have safely and securely reached at the office en route and have crossed border accordingly.
The Afghan Transit group shall carry out the job of manifest clearance in the computer on daily basis and provide to the concerned Assistant Collector with a list of Goods Declarations (GDs) the consignments which have not reached the office en route within 20 days.
No further transportation shall be allowed to the transport operator till a certificate from Customs office en route is produced for receipt and cross border of earlier consignments transported 20 days ago.