Colgate Palmolive found evading legitimate government revenue

KARACHI: Directorate of Post Clearance Audit Karachi has served audit observations on M/s Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited underlining evasion of… Continue reading

Immediate Clearance Group established at AFU Lahore

LAHORE: Collector of Customs Zulfiqar Younas has inaugurated the services of immediate clearance group (ICG) at Gerry’s shed on Friday.… Continue reading

Prosecution in multi-billion Afghan Transit Scam hangs in balance

KARACHI: The decision vis-a-vis revenue recovery in the mega-scale Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) scam- wherein imported goods meant for transit… Continue reading

Customs Adjudication penalizes importer, agents for availing inadmissible concessions

KARACHI: Collector Customs Adjudication Chaudry Mohammad Javaid has penalized M/s BSN Medical pvt Ltd and several clearing agents for inflicting… Continue reading

Officials accused of abusing vehicles amnesty scheme seek bail

KARACHI: The proceedings in the case wherein two Inspectors of MCC Quetta were arrested under the charges of abusing vehicles… Continue reading

Customs valuation recommends suspension of license of M/s Basathia Impex

KARACHI: Director Customs Valuation Karachi Wasif Memon has written a letter to MCC Appraisement West recommending to suspend the license… Continue reading

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