Revenue evasion of a billion rupees at EPZ detected

KARACHI: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Peshawar has unearthed evasion of duty and taxes to the tune of around a billion rupees.
Director Peshawar Arsalan Subuctageen formed a special team of field intelligence unit Mardan to inquire into the import and export record of M/s 04 Brothers at Export Processing Zone Risalpur.
During the scrutiny of the record, it transpired that the installed machines are mostly non-operative and the subject unit is involved in evasion of duty and taxes worth billion of rupees by way of disposing unprocessed goods at the local market.
The raw material including expensive ink of various types, printing plates, dyes, chemicals and paper etc., was imported for printing of Holy Quran, religious and other books and its value was Rs.801 million, while the evasion of duty/taxes in this case comes to Rs.423 million.
A contravention report was made and sent to Collector Adjudication Islamabad for Adjudication.

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