ASO Preventive seizes charas

KARACHI: ASO MCC (Preventive), Karachi has recovered around 6.0kg of charas from a passenger of Al-Naseeb Coach as Customs is keeping vigilance over the movement of smuggled goods.
ASO staff at Moachko choke point, seized 6 packets approximately 6 Kgs ‘Charas’ recovered from a passenger (Faiz) of Al-Naseeb Coach and also 62 bags of polythene HDPE from a passenger bus (Shandar) coming from Khuzdar.
In past Pakistan faced difficulties because of smuggling. Smuggling demolished our economy so many times in multidimensional way. It undermines the local industries and decreases the volume of earnings and revenue which is collected from duties and service sectors. The volume of informal economy is raised up to 50 to 60% of the formal economy.
Pak-Afghan border is the main problem. People living in Chaman didn’t need visas to cross the border. They run the business on both sides as well as marriages. Goods up to 5 to 6 billion dollars were smuggled from Afghanistan to Pakistan through trade route especially dry fruits. Afghanistan also imports goods illegally from Pakistan such as milk, juices and other machinery items etc.
The money which is collected illegally by some politicians, businessmen and terrorist are transferred to Swiss Bank.

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