Amphitine case: charge sheet now on Sept 04

KARACHI: A special court for Control of Narcotic Substances (CNS) deferred charge against an accused booked for smuggling Amphitine Crystal, a chemical used for making heroin powder till Sept 04 seeking arrest and production of main accused Zia-ur-Rahman roaming free in Peshawar.

Seeking bail on ground of kidney ailment and status of destitute, Ms Dil Khurram Shaheen advocate, counsel for applicant/ accused Zman Sher said that while her client was languishing in prison said main accused Zia is a free man in Pehsawar while he was wanted in the imstant case and unless he is arrested and put to trial here, applicant would remain behind the bars pending trial.

The bench adjourned further proceedings till Sept 04 asking the state counsel to ensure production of main accused before court on next date of hearing.

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