Five Contravention Reports served on toy importers

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement has served as many as five Contravention Reports on certain toy importers for evading legitimate government revenue through mis-declaring the description of imported goods.

Officials said the accused importers would get no comfort on account of the provision in their respective Goods Declaration (GD) requesting the authorities to put the containers in examination to determine exact content, relevant factors, weight etc of each item.

Officials said the above mentioned provision was available for scrap consignments only under section 79(1) of the Customs Act, according to which consignment is examined prior to filing/processing of the GD.

The toy importers through inserting this provision in the GD attempted to provide a legal cover to their wrongdoing, and Customs would not practice any leniency on this accord, the official categorically said adding the importers very well knew what they were bringing and yet they mis-declared to evade government revenue.

As many as three Contravention Reports are served on M/s Xing Enterprises and two are served on M/s One Ten World for deliberately concealing the actual description of the goods to take an attempt for getting the goods assessed on suppressed value for evading legitimate amount of taxes.

Sources said 11 GDs have been identified, of which four GDs have been marked for reassessment by Assistant Collector Abeer Javed.

Moreover, scrutiny of these GDs revealed that importers including M/s Xing Enterprises and M/s One Ten World, had not uploaded mandatory import documents including invoice and bill of lading at the time of filing of declaration.

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