Containers fall into sea after two ships collide at Karachi port

KARACHI: Two container vessels were reportedly collided at Karachi port, suspending the sea traffic at the South Asia Port Terminal (SAPT), sources said Monday.

Hapeg-Lloyd’s ship Tolten and Hamburg Bay collided at the Pakistan’s deepest port. Over 20 containers fell into the sea after the incident.

However, the damage to the cranes installed at the berth were timely averted by the port administration, according to the sources. A special operation has been launched to pull out the fallen containers from the sea.

A senior Customs officer said around 20 containers had fallen into the water and it was unknown what was in these containers unless these were extracted. One ship was coming from Asia Pacific and one was coming from Mediterranean.

The officer said Maritime Services was carrying out the extraction operations. He said the water had gone to lower levels and once the high tide should come the route would be cleared.

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