NAB investigates Customs Intelligence, Quetta

KARACHI: NAB Baluchistan has initiated an inquiry against officials and officers of Customs Intelligence, Quetta and requested Collector Quetta to depute an officer of BS-17 who is well versed with the matter as departmental representative.

NAB has also sought details of government approved auctions for MCC Quetta and Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, Quetta long with details of all auctioned Hino trucks without body and chassis frames since 2013, especially from Farooq bonded warehouse.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan has initiated investigations into the organized smuggling of vehicles particularly old/used trucks, which are banned to be imported into the country as per the Import Policy Order.

NAB Balochistan is also requested to provide adjudication order No.47/2017, its appeal, paradise comments and order of appeal to the Customs Appellate Tribunal. NAB is also perusing policy of the government for the seizure and auction of Hino trucks with/without body and chassis frames along with SRO 566(I)/2005 and SRO 499(I)/2009. Details regarding laws, rules, regulations and standard operating procedures related to smuggled Hino trucks with/without body and chassis frames.

NAB Balochistan has advised Customs Quetta to provide job description of all concerned officials/officers of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, Quetta; charge assumption/relinquishment reports of all concerned officials/officers of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, Quetta since 2013.

Sources said NAB will increase the ambit of investigation as this was just the start. Quetta is very sensitive station and frequent transfers in I&I are eyebrow raising, sources said adding NAB was convinced that smuggling was being patronized, therefore investigations into unusual and frequent transfers of officials and officers in Directorate General of Customs Intelligence would soon follow.

An official said officials/officers abruptly transferred from MCC Quetta were being contacted by the investigators to seek their feedback.

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