Establishment Division recommends up-gradation of Havaldar, Sepoy posts

KARACHI: Establishment Division has recommended up-gradation of posts of Havaldar and Sepoy of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and its field offices.

An office memorandum issued by Establishment Division noted the matter had been examined at length and it was observed that nature of job of Havaldar (BS-7) and Sepoy (BS-5) of FBR has enhanced due to introduction of latest  technological equipment and weapons i.e. scanners CCTV cameras, hand-held search equipment etc.and changing security environment.

The proposed up-gradation of posts or Havaldar  from BS-7 to BS-9 and Sepoy from BS-5 to BS-7 fulfills the criteria for up-gradation which allows up-gradation in order to bring uniformity of pay scales.

In this view, MS Wing in principle recommends up-gradation of the posts of Havaldar and Sepoy.

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