MCC Port Qasim seizes consignment imported by M/s Hi Tek Computer

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has seized a consignment of M/s Hi Tek Computer as the importer indulged in deliberately concealing and mis-declaration of the description, classification, quantity and value of the goods in order to take an attempt of getting the goods assessed on suppressed value and payment of lesser amount of duty / taxes willfully and with malafide intention.

According to details of the case, M/s Hi Tek Computer electronically filed goods declaration and declared to contain used printers with cables and attachments, TFT Screen LCD/LED Monitor Screen Only Panel, Used Computer System (Missing Parts) With LCD Monitor along with Keyboard and Mouse, Computer Switch, Used Scanner, Used UPS, Nut Bolt, Bumper, Head Light (Lense & Body) at declared invoice value $7360.

The importer determined his liability of payment of applicable duties & taxes. GD was selected for examination by the system under red category and upon completion of examination several new undeclared goods including printers, computers, UPS etc were discovered.

Deputy Collector Amjad Rajper and Appraising Officer Sher Khan conducted etailed examination of the consignment.

It was proved that the importer has deliberately concealed /mis-declared the description of the goods in order to take an attempt for getting the goods assessed on suppressed value and weight for evading legitimate revenue amount of taxes to the tune of Rs 4.456 million. The offending value of the goods works out to be Rs9.947 million. The consignment is seized and further investigations are underway.

Collector Port Qasim Seed Akram and Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza had a meeting and it was decided that more than one containers would selected randomly for examination of consignments comprising more than three containers being processed through green channel.

It may be mentioned here that certain elements manipulated the system to defraud the government exchequer. Examining more than one randomly selected containers would check any such manipulations and would secure government revenue and discourage abuse of green channel facility.

It is estimated that exchequers suffers losses to the billions of rupees as certain elements abuse the green channel facility.

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