Suspension of WeBOC user ID is appeal-able before Chief Collector

KARACHI: The Finance Bill 2017 has given unlimited power to the chief collector of annulling, modifying or confirming the order passed by the collector suspending user ID of an importer or clearing agent.

The Bill through amendment in Section 155F of Customs Act provides that a person aggrieved by an order of the Collector, cancelling or confirming the suspension of his unique user identifier, may, within thirty days of communication of such order, prefer an appeal to the Chief Collector who may pass an order annulling, modifying or confirming the order passed by the Collector.

Collector of Customs is authorized to suspend the user ID of a registered user of the Customs

Computerized System, for failing to comply with a condition of registration imposed by the Collector under sub-section (3) of section 155C of the Act; or failing to comply with, or acted in contravention of any conditions imposed by the Collector under sub-section (3) of section 155D of the Act in relation to the use and security of the registered user’s unique identifier.

The Collector of Customs can suspend User ID of a person convicted of an offence under the Customs Act, the Collector may cancel the registration of that person as a registered user by giving notice in writing to that person stating that the registration of that person is cancelled and setting out the reasons for that cancellation.

However, Collector of Customs, in exceptional circumstances, after recording reasons in writing suspend the use of unique user identifier of any person forthwith on receipt of any complaint or information about violation of any provisions of the Customs Act.

Collector of Customs shall, after giving opportunity of hearing, pass and order confirming suspension or otherwise the use of Unique User Identifier.

Now, the Collector’s order is appeal-able before Chief Collector.

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