MCC Port Qasim comes hard on under-invoicing, mis-declaration to secure government’s revenue

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim is keeping strict vigilance over the mis-declaration and under-invoicing practice, which several importers indulge in to evade government’s legitimate revenue.

Collector Port Qasim Saeed Akram has advised Additional Collectors Khalil Yousfani and Yaseen Murtaza to keep strict vigilance to check mis-declaration and under-invoicing.

Deputy Collectors Amjad Rajpar and Mohammad Adnan have been advised to examine the consignments prone to under-invoicing and mis-declaration

As a result of this synergized practice, R&D Port Qasim Deputy Collector Ahsanullah Shah, PA Khalid Umer, AO Rana Insram Rabbani, AO Amir Shuja detected cases of mis-declaration and contraventions were accordingly served.

Subsequently, Additional Collector Adjudication Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh has penalized M/s Adnan Construction Company and clearing agent M/s Sharif & Sons for attempting to clear undeclared goods as well as misstating the weight of the declared goods.

According to the details of the case, M/s Adnan Construction Company imported a consignment declared to be parts and parcel of old and used complete Asphalt plant with all standard accessories in dismantled condition.

The importer sought clearance through clearing agent M/s Sharif & Sons declaring the weight to be 85,000 Kg. However, upon examination, the weight of the asphalt plant was found to be 142,400 Kg. It may be mentioned here that customs assessable value of old and used machinery is determined on basis of weight of the consignment. Therefore, the importer willfully mis-declared the weight of the goods to evade government revenue.

Moreover, a douible door fridge, a Samsung washing machine and two water dispensers were also found in the consignment, which had not been declared. PA Shahid Rizvi pursued the case.

After detailed deliberation of the case, Additional Collector Adjudication found the charges against the accused established and ordered confiscation of the imported goods. However, a redemption option was given to the importer to get possession of the imported goods. This case would result in recovery of Rs1.89 million.

Furthermore,  in another contravention, Additional Collector Adjudication Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh charged an electronics importer and clearing agent for under-declaring the value of imported goods.

M/s Chughtai Enterprises imported a consignment of electronic goods and sought clearance through clearing agent M/s Universal Custom Services at a declared value of GBP 2612.60. The GD was selected for examination. Meanwhile, information was received that the imported had under-declared the value of goods be concealing the original invoice and electronically furnished fake invoice. The order confirmation details found the value of the goods to be GBP16,998.57.

Had this willful and deliberate offence gone undetected, the exchequer would have suffered a revenue loss of Rs1.265 million.

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