Contravention served on plastic scrap importers

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has served contravention reports on several importers for importing plastic recycled flakes in violation of Import Policy Order through mis-declaration of description and HS Code.

The importers served contravention include M/s Pioneer Pipe Industries, M/s A.M Pipe Industries, M/s Royal Plastic, M/s Sajid Plastic Factory, M/s Umer & Company and M/s Prime Packages.

According to the details of the case, these importers imported consignments declared to be PVC recycled flakes and sought clearance under PCT 3904.1090. The consignments were selected for examination and samples were sent to laboratory for examination. It may be mentioned here that PCT 3904.1090 is meant for primary form and not for recycles plastics.

The examination found that the imported goods were actually used plastic pipes crushed into flakes, which are correctly classifiable under PCT 3915.9000 as waste and scrap of plastic. These goods are prohibited to be imported as per Import Policy Order as they come under restrictive regime of Basel Convention on hazardous substances.

The above mentioned importers willfully imported the restricted goods into the country for which conditions stipulated in Import Policy were not fulfilled.

An official said that there were so many companies registered with Inland Revenue (IRS) as industrial concerns but all these companies were ghost companies, which were used to claim inadmissible benefits on imports.

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