Director General upholds Valuation Ruling No.889/2016

KARACHI: Director General Customs Valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed has rejected the revision petition filed by M/s Fine Traders and others against the Valuation Ruling No.889/2016 and upheld the values of zipper sliders determined vide Ruling No.889/2016.

M/s Fahad Traders, M/s Kheewa & Sons and M/s Fine Traders submitted their review application under section 25-D against Valuation Ruling No.889/2016 of Sliders.

The petitioners contended that respondent department has determined customs values unilaterally and without considering the views of stakeholders and resulted devastated effect on legal imports by commercial importers.

The department issued valuation ruling without taken into consideration of international prevailing prices of relative raw material. The petitioners/importers gave a proposal for determination of customs values, which was even lower than the previous valuation ruling No. 480/2012. On the other hand the department has increased the previous values relatively 20% to 25% after a four years gap.

Department submitted the customs values of the subject goods determined keeping in view the valuation methods given in Section 25 of the Customs Act. 1969. The petitioner had not furnished any corroboratory documents in support of their recommended revised prices for the subject goods. Accordingly, the petition has no merit for consideration and is liable to rejected.

Syed Tanveer Ahmed deliberated on the case record as well as verbal and written arguments put forth. The arguments of the petitioners carry no weight as the values of the Zipper Sliders have been determined in accordance with the law considering all aspects. Therefore, the Valuation Ruling No. 889/2016 is upheld and revision petition is rejected.

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