FBR suspends User IDs of over a hundred principal appraisers and appraisers

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revevnue (FBR) has suspended the User IDs of all such principal appraisers and appraisers who have not submitted their ACRs. These officials now can not log-in into the system.

FBR had earlier advised all Chief Collectors to furnish the annual confidential reports (ACR) of principal appraisers and appraisers as these are required in connection with their promotion cases. These directives were accordingly forwarded to the officials.

Sources said that the principal appraisers and appraisers deliberately did not submit the ACRs to avoid postings and transfers to other stations. These reports are prepared by these officials themselves and the senior officers only sign it.

Since scores of officials did not submit their ACRs, the FBR has suspended their User IDs.

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