PCS/BS-19 officers dismissed from service

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) ha imposed major penalty on Ijaz Badshah PCS/BS-19, Secretary FBR-HQ and dismissed him from service on the charges of inefficiency and misconduct.

Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against Ijaz Badshah posted as Secretary, Federal Board of Revenue (Hqrs.), Islamabad Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Ch PCS/BS-20 was appointed as Inquiry Officer to conduct inquiry into the charges levelled against the accused officer.

The Inquiry Officer submitted Inquiry Report, according to which the charges levelled against the accused officer were established beyond any shadow of doubt. A Show Cause Notice was issued to the accused officer. The accused officer furnished a reply denied the charges levelled against him.

Member(Admin) FBR granted an opportunity of personal hearing to the accused officer, however, he did not appear for personal hearing.

After having examined the relevant record, inquiry report submitted by the Inquiry Officer and written defense by the accused officer, Member (Admin) found the accused officer guilty of all the charges mentioned in the Charge Sheet.

Revenue Division accorded opportunities of personal hearing to the accused, however, the accused did not turn

up for personal hearing.

The Authority/Secretary, Revenue Division, after having gone through the case record and recommendations of the Authorized Officer found the accused officer guilty of the charges of Inefficiency & Misconduct, therefore major

penalty of Dismissal from Service is imposed upon Ijaz Badshah, PCS/BS-19, Secretary, Federal Board of Revenue (Hqrs.), Islamabad.

Ijaz Badshah shall have a right to appeal to the Appellate Authority as provided under Civil Servants (Appeal) Rules, 1977.

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