Prime culprit involved in TP pilferage scam arrested

KARACHI: MCC Preventive has arrested one Raheem Vivani, who is the ‘carrier’ and arrange supply of smuggled goods to various shop owners and buyers of foreign origin goods. An FIR has been lodged and the arrested accused would be presented before the Customs Court on Monday.

Recently, MCC Preventive seized two consignments which were being re-exported as frustrated cargo.

Vivani came to Customs House for the release of a consignment which was imported by M/s Zawa and was seized by MCC Preventive.

Customs sources said that Vivani has been involved in the replacement of over 100 Transshipment consignments causing a loss of billions of rupees to the national exchequer.

Customs sources said that goods were imported from Dubai and goods mentioned in the IGM are under vague descriptions. These consignments are then moved to dry ports and the goods being high value are replaced with lower value goods during transit mostly at warehouses in Shershah. The pilfered goods are then distributed among the actual buyers basically shop owners.

It may be mentioned here that these carriers book orders on ‘done basis’ with the buyers and then the goods are delivered to them at their places.

Another such ‘carrier’ identified as Moiz Bhawani is absconding. A warehouse was rented in Bhawani’s name where the TP consignments are pilfered. He owner of the said warehouse is on bail.

I&P of Customs Preventive had conducted a detailed research and investigation and had collected all evidence about the accused and the details of their business.

Sources said that authorities have also identified the shop owners and buyers of these illegally imported goods as a consignment which was seized had lots of goods with names tags of show owners pinned on these lots. Action would also be taken against these shop owners for the recovery of smuggled goods.

Both I&P and ASO of MCC Preventive have done a remarkable job against smuggling and the entire network has been broken. Moreover, Customs Peshawar Intelligence has also done a great job and identifying the entire cartel of TP replacement.

Sources said that officials of Customs Intelligence Karachi were patronizing this business of Transshipment cargo pilferage i.e. smuggling. Sources said that preliminary interrogation with the suspect have revealed quite valuable information which would help in breaking the entire network.

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